Cake Flavours

The way your wedding cake tastes is just as important as the way it looks, so please ask to sample our cakes. We can modify certain flavors to suit your palate such as less fruit in your fruitcake or more chocolate in your chocolate cake.

Our fruitcakes are all handmade by ourselves and are matured to ensure a cake that not only tastes wonderful but cuts beautifully too. We can bake any size shape, and depth of cake depending on your chosen design. You will find below the cakes and fillings available to you. – If you don’t find the flavor you like, please contact us.


Chiffon Cake (Sponge cake)

Vanilla, Chocolate, Marble, Red Velvet, Bermuda Pink

Light Pound Cake (Butter cake)

Vanilla, Chocolate, Marble, Lemon, Coconut, Red Velvet, Bermuda Pink, Funfetti (Multi colored sprinkles in vanilla cake), Pumpkin, Rum, Coconut Rum, Banana, Humming Bird, Chocolate Chip, Fruitcake

Gluten Free Cake/Dairy Free Cake/Vegan Cake

Vanilla, Chocolate


Light Butter Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate)
White Rolled Fondant
Royal Icing


Butter Cream

Vanilla, Chocolate, Mocha, Coffee, Caramel, Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon, Coconut, Oreo, Nutella, PBJ, Molasses


Raspberry, Strawberry..etc.

Victoria Filling

Layer of raspberry or strawberry preserve (of your choice) and vanilla butter cream

Dairy Free Cream (for Vegan/Dairy Free)

Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry, Vegan Victoria filling

Additional Flavoring with

Amaretto, Frangelico, Grand Marnier, Rum, Coconut Rum

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